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Matt Hussey, star of NBC’s Ready for Love gives his top 5 networking techniques!

2 Comments - By Matt Hussey
NBC's Ready For Love - Matt Hussey

NBC’s Ready For Love – Matt Hussey

Since you’re on the Vesper Black site I know that you’re the type to take pride in the people you spend time with. So I thought I’d drop by and share some things that have helped me meet some amazing people in the last few years.

Most people think of networking the wrong way. They see it as some sort of business card exchanging exercise whereby we arrive at a function, exchange names and job roles and leave with a new connection in our pocket. The truth is most people make about as much use of the business cards they collect as they do of their LinkedIn profile. Most of the business cards we ever collect go to some form of depressing draw or cupboard to die.

The real networking is not done on handing our business cards out to hundreds of irrelevant people, but in building true connections with people that matter. The power of two or three key connections is far greater than one thousand irrelevant connections. So the key then, is to look for the connections that matter. However, these important connections thrive on one thing only…value. Ultimately, our connections are only as good as the value you bring to the table. So in any situation where we are meeting power players who can take us straight to the top, we have to know a few things in advance:

1.What do they want?

In order to make a connection it is essential to understand what the person is really looking for. Is it money? Is it your connections? Is it an ego stroke? Or is it just a good time with fun people (it’s surprising how many successful people fall under this category)?

2.What do I bring?

Once we know what their core motivations are, we need to understand what it is we bring to the table. If they are looking for money, is there a financial opportunity I can bring to them? Is there knowledge I have that could benefit them? Do I know anyone useful to them? If the answer to all of the above is no, then we can simply ask, “What do I bring to the table with my personality?”. Many people just want to be around cool people who they can have a good time with.

3.Take any opportunity to be around these people

Chances don’t always come frequently so when they do we have to take them. When we get invited somewhere where the right people are, it doesn’t always come with a plus-one, so be prepared to go alone and create a good time for yourself. And remember, just because the host invited us, it doesn’t mean they want to be hanging around us all night. It sounds harsh, but noone likes a person they have to babysit. So branch out and show you can handle any social situation on your own without their help, then they’ll invite you to more and more.

4.Give, give, give.

Anytime you have something that could be of value to your best contacts, be generous. You’d be amazed how far these gestures go. For example, the next time you have tickets to a cool gig, invite them with you instead of the friend you always go with. The benefits in the long run will be huge, even if it feels frustrating at the time.

5.Follow up

Make sure you keep in contact in little ways. We don’t want to pester people, but the odd text, phone call or email keeps us in their mind. Always shoot them a thank you where appropriate for something they did, and always send them any knowledge, news, or contacts you feel may be relevant to them. The follow up really gives us a classy edge and shows we are not out to use people.
Make these things a routine and the people that come into your life will amaze you. I’ve used these techniques to work with the likes British Royalty, the highest level institutions like Oxford University, and even celebrities like Christina Aguilera. And the truth is, I wouldn’t claim to be out there putting in half the effort other so-called networkers do. By nature, I’m actually more of a hermit! So if I can meet and work with the likes of these people, so can you!
Have fun my friends!

Matthew Hussey – Life Strategist at www.matthewhussey.com

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