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How To Plan The Ultimate Office Christmas Party In London

Office Christmas parties are some of the best and most interesting types of parties to plan and attend. It does take a little planning to do well, and there are ways to improve the overall quality of these and make memories that will last a lifetime. These are some of the core essentials to planning the best office Christmas party.

Booking and logistics

First and foremost is timing and planning ahead. Christmas parties in London are typically planned at least 90 days in advance. If nothing else, this is the time to book entertainment. There is nothing worse than not being able to have music or live entertainment as the day of the party approaches. A good rule of thumb is to book any entertainment before October 31.

Items you will need

Take not because these items are essential for any office Christmas party. You can either handle everything yourself or just give this list to your party planner who will take care of everything.


These will vary slightly depending on the office environment and the staff. Christmas parties in London can vary widely and there is also the factor of whether the office staff themselves will be doing any pre-holiday decorating. Also, planning the location, if it is different from the office itself, should go hand and hand with planning and buying the decorations.


This is not customary, but it is something to keep in mind. Sometimes, part of the festivities may involve games that will need gifts. There are many Christmas games that can be played at Christmas office parties that involve small gifts.

Food and refreshments

Food and refreshments should be purchased as far in advance as possible. It is imperative that such things as liquor, soda, and any non-perishable foods be purchased well in advance, as it is likely that there will be more than one office Christmas party or at least more than one Christmas party in London.

Perishable items can be purchased the day before and should not wait until the day of the party.

Party themes

Sometimes it is hard to get people into the right frame of mind for an office Christmas party. It may be that they are missing family or just not in the mood for a party. Simply conducting a Christmas party in London is one thing and it is most likely going to go very well, but to truly get everyone involved a theme helps.

A party theme gives everyone something to focus on besides just attending the party. Themes can vary as widely as the people at the party.

Choosing the theme can be the first moment when the rest of the office gets involved. Getting the office personnel involved by letting them vote for themes is a great way to brighten the mood while at the same time it can be guaranteed that at least some people will love the theme that is chosen.


Combining the venue booking and the entertainment booking into one call should be the dream of any party planner. Once a theme is chosen, a venue should be picked that will hold at least twice the number of people that are likely to attend. There are going to be quite a few Christmas parties in London, therefore booking well ahead is important.

Also, using a venue that is separate from the office itself is very important. Doing so forces employees to leave the office, go home and go to a different location for the party.

This gives everyone time to put the stress of the office away and to come to the party with an entirely different feeling. It helps put people into the mood that makes a good strong office party.

The best type of venue will depend on both the entertainment and the theme. Beginning with the size that is needed, a list of venues should be made and various venues should then be eliminated. There are going to be quite a few office Christmas parties, so keeping the venue where everyone will have the shortest drive possible home after the party.

Your budget

The budget beyond the entertainment and the venue should be figured on a per person basis. Once the largest expenses of the venue and entertainment have been covered, figuring out what is needed to feed and provide refreshments for each person is pretty easy.

It is good to plan that each employee will bring a person. Some will bring more than one and others will bring no one, it usually evens out to an average of one extra person per employee.

Office parties for the holidays are very easy if the planning is done well in advance. Around October 31, a few phone calls to book the place and the entertainment, then a little more planning each week and there will literally be very little to do the week of the party.

At the last minute, the day before, a few purchases of perishable items and everything will go as planned or even better than planned.

So that’s how you plan the ultimate office Christmas party in London. If you’d like us to take care of the venue, simply get in touch and we’ll arrange everything for you.

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