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Maddox nightclub is one of the few venues remaining that is not ashamed of its standards, and given its world class credentials, why should it be? Offering excellence in both clubbing and dining, the Maddox in London is one of the most exclusive clubs in the city.

Generally open only to members and their friends, the Maddox occasionally opens their gilded doors to the fortunate few who make the guest list. Luckily, getting on the list is a fate that you can control.

How Do You Get On The Maddox Guest List?

All you need to do to place yourself on the Maddox guest list is head over to the guest list page and enter the required details. Once selected, you need only wait to be informed and you’ll be well on your way to one of the swankest nightclubs in the city.

Be prepared to waltz into an ocean of glamour and share the dance floor with notables such as Siena Miller and Kiera Knightley. The Maddox is not a casual spot, so be sure to dress accordingly.

The Maddox: Unabashedly Luxurious

The sophistication of the past is decidedly lost on the majority of the modern world. The Maddox serves as an oasis in this slovenly desert. Found in the heart of Mayfair, the club combines the charisma of the past with the design of the future.

Envisioned by renowned interior designer Sammy Chams and nightclub mastermind Fred Moss, Maddox provides multiple levels of entertainment for the club goer. A five-star restaurant is found on the mezzanine level separated from the club. Here you can dine in elegance and peace before moving on to the main attraction.

The main club is where all of the exclusive action is. The Maddox in London prides itself on its discerning entry policy, ensuring only qualified persons are allowed to enter.

This is particularly enticing for the jet-setting crowd who feel comfortable in knowing that they can enjoy themselves without fear of annoyance or scandal. This discretion ultimately allows the Maddox Nightclub to remain atop the nightlife totem. The club also features a large private courtyard draped in beautiful foliage for smokers or those who just need a breath of air.

As Exclusive As It Gets

Finding the Maddox in London on a map is not too trying a task, nor is signing up for the Maddox guest list. What is difficult is to maintain a certain level of class within the confines of the club. Some would be patrons may express distress at the tedious or perhaps rude treatment received on the way into the club.

One must remember that in order to maintain that exclusivity, the club and its managers must act with a distinguishing eye and manner. For if the Maddox were to lose those qualities it would lose what makes it a treasured night spot.

Add your name to the guest list to gain entry to one of the hottest clubs in London, the Maddox! It will make for a night of indulgence you won’t soon forget.

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