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How To Find Nightclub Promoter Jobs In London

Ever fancied becoming a nightclub promoter in London? Well here’s the opportunity.

Vesper Black are one of London’s finest events company’s, hosting at some of the capital’s most prestigious, famous and exclusive nightclubs.

This article will run you through the ins and outs of nightclub promoter jobs in London and what you need in order to become a promoter. Now before we give you a clear guide on how to become a top London club promoter let me tell you some of the benefits:

  • You get access to some of the most exclusive members club in London which are difficult to get into
  • You get to party and work along side some of the world’s most famous DJs, music artists and A List celebrities
  • You get PAID to party
  • You will be surrounded by hundreds of cool people and will be the ‘go to person’ that everyone wants to be friends with
  • You can earn an average of £250/£300 for a 4 – 6 hours work

(We’ll run you through some more benefits further down this article)

What does nightclub promotion work involve?

Nightclub promotion work involves you socialising, speaking to nightclub managers/owners, bar staff, door staff, other promoters and organisers as well as guests throughout the evening.

A typical night at a busy club or bar would involve you:

  • Getting your guests inside the venue and taking them to a prearranged table or host area with free drinks for guests.
  • Making sure guests have enough drinks and are having a good time.
  • Liaising with the bar staff and other promoters in case of a table/area change.
  • Keeping an eye on the music and being able to advise the club owner on what DJ’s/genre of music your crowd likes.
  • Dealing with any issues throughout the evening and thinking on your feet.
  • Keeping ‘the party going’ – As a nightclub promoter in London you are one of the most important and respected people in the venue. You need to lead the crowd, love to party and have fun with people.
  • Signing off figures at the end of the night.

It’s a fast paced job which will keep you on your toes, so if you’re not a people person who enjoys a high pressured energetic environment, then club promotion work probably isn’t for you.

Should I use an agency or go direct?

Using a club promotions agency usually means you taking less money at the end of the day, once they have taken a percentage from your wages.

They are great for finding you gigs all over town, but cannot usually offer consistency, it’s more of a one of special event deal.

On the other hand if you do go direct, like working for us for example… you will take home more money and build real relationships with the venue staff, your guests and the team at Vesper Black. You will get benefit from our experience and the guidance of our team on how to be party promoter.

Club promoter salary… what to expect

A promoter can expect to get between £100 – £200 per 20 guests they bring. The earnings are uncapped and can be double or triple that a night easily if they are any good. It can be part time job that is fun which earns you more than your fulltime job in some cases.

As a direct nightclub promoter however you will be earning your salary based on the guests you bring into each club. This will vary depending on the quality and quantity of guests, however definitely more than minimum wage. It can be a part time job that is fun which earns you more than your full time job in some cases. Once someone builds a database they can really start to make big money with special deals.

How to become a club promoter

If you’re interested in becoming a club promoter for Vesper Black, all you need to do is fill in the form below or send an email to jobs@vesperblack.com.

We require the following for you to be considered:

  • Full name
  • Photo
  • Up to date CV
  • A little about you and why you should be considered

What it takes to be a “good” club promoter

A lot of people think they will make good nightclub promoters, but the bottom line is most people can’t do it. The simple reason is because, it is a very high energy job, you’ll be expected to work when you’re in the clubs, many people think it’s a case of having a great time.

Don’t get us wrong, club promoters can have an incredible time in the club. The promoter is one of the most respected positions in a VIP London club. They drink for free, party for free and get paid. Also it is FANTASTIC way of building a massive social circle of fun cool people. However priorities take place and you need to be ready for the challenges it throws at you.

Other benefits of being a club promoter in London

Once you get a base following and start to become an expert promoter, you can expect the following:

  • Everyone in town will want to know you. You will need an unlimited text message plan.
  • You will start to earn £1000’s per week.
  • You will have a huge network of friends.
  • Many of them will be beautiful fun people who are very sociable.
  • You will get to know some very powerful and influential people. You will also start to rub shoulders with celebrities and top music artists.
  • You will start to have real power in a venue, you’ll be able to influence and shape the nights from the choosing the DJ to theme and décor.
  • When you go out (when you are not working and want to party without the pressures of looking after guests) you will get into the most exclusive venues, never queue, never pay cover charge and drink for free. You will know everyone in everyplace and have the ‘hookups’ even when you travel abroad.

To be a successful nightclub promoter you’ll need to:

  • Have a great personality with a friendly energy
  • Be very resilient and persistent
  • Have good manners
  • Have a great sense of fashion
  • Be a people person, someone others want to be around

If you have these skills, then you’ll stand a much greater chance of succeeding as a nightclub promoter in London.

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