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How To Have The Best New Year’s Eve Party In London… Ever

Tired of mediocre NYE bashes? Looking to have the best new years party in London…. that you’ve EVER had?!

Well then listen up, because this how to do it…

New Year’s Eve can be filled with fun and excitement, if you know how to party. London New Years Eve parties are among the most vivacious and convivial parties in the world. By attending the right parties, or by hosting your own New Years Eve party in London, you will be dancing, laughing, and making lifelong memories.

Organising Your Own Party

Though it is convenient to attend parities hosted by other people, there is nothing more exhilarating than hosting your own, personal New Years Eve party in London. Hosting a party can be overwhelming if unprepared, however.

Checklist of Items Needed

It is important to make a checklist of all the items needed. An image is everything. Exotic lights will help set a mood. Other decorative items should be included on the checklist, such as New Years Eve tiaras, balloons, confetti, candles, banners and other ceiling hangings.

A stereo systems for music needs to be on the checklist, along with any CDs or records to be played. Party favours, like blowouts and cone hats, may also be an option, depending on the type of party you want. Silverware, food, and drinks (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic) should be included on the list, too. Knowing the approximate number of how many people will attend the party is necessary in order to adequately prepare.

Best Types of Venues in London

Location is a crucial aspect of any party because it affects the mood of the party, and may even effect who attends. London has hundreds of party venues perfect for hosting London New Years Eve parties. Venues are located throughout the city, and they vary in size, expense, and style.

Some venues are classy and traditional while others are contemporary. Things to consider when looking at venues include location, estimated size of the party, and cost of renting. The Troxy is a popular New Years Eve venue that is designed for large-scale events, with a seating capacity of over 2000. The Match Bar, on the other hand, is a party location that comfortably seats 50 individuals or less, and its design reflects a sporty, modern lounge.

When You Should Book the Venue

Venues usually operate on a first come, first serve basis, so it is best to book a location for your party early. There are many New Years Eve events in London, so a venue should at least be booked four weeks ahead of time, if not sooner. Make sure you are aware of the associated costs and that it fits into your budget.

Budget You Should Be Spending

Having a thorough budget is wise. When purchasing all the necessary things to make your party unforgettable, money goes quickly. Having a well thought out expense list will enable you to get what you need without bankrupting your pocketbook. By using your party supply list, make an expense sheet and an overall budget that you stick to closely.

This will save you money in the long run. You will have to balance expense versus quality. Depending on the party size, it could cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. Sharing the expense with friends will help detour the costs.

Planning to Attend Someone Else’s Party

Attending someone else’s party proves less stressful and saves great expense. London has some fantastic New Years Eve parties that are world-renowned for their splendour and excellence.

Top 5 London New Years Eve Events to Go To

Some of the most popular New Years Eve events are listed below.

1. The London Eye Firework Display, which is a tourism-based show that fires hundreds of brilliant fireworks over the Thames River at the stroke of midnight. This event has been ongoing every year since the year 2000 and has grown in reputation.

2. If you prefer adult entertainment, the Ministry of Sound Live is a major clubbing event hosted at the O2 Arena every New Years Eve. Aside from plenty of drinks, this party features light shows, DJs, and live performers.

3. The Kensington Close Hotel conducts the Bond Ball every New Years Eve. This is a more formal event where attendees where suits and formal dresses. Live performers play music while people eat, drink, socialise, dance, and play on the casinos. Sometimes “James Bond” will even show up at this party.

4. Fabric has hosted the Get Physical clubbing event for over 10 years now. With house and techno music, fast moving lights, and plenty of spirits, this event remains a highlight of London’s New Years Eve.

5. The Nest offers a heavy, rhythmic bass to introduce the new year. Premiering music like nu-garage, big dirty, and dancehall, this party is ideal for young adults seeking contemporary entertainment.

5 Important Tips to Remember

Important tips to remember while partying include the following:

1. Party with a group or take along a friend. There is safety in numbers.

2. Know your drinking limits. Do not overdo it. It is best to have a sober friend who can watch out for you, and drive you home after the party. Never drink and drive.

3. Travel with someone who knows the area of a party location. Someone who has been to a certain party, event, or club, will know what to expect upon arrival.

4. Plan ahead. Some parties start earlier in the evening, while others do not start until past midnight. By having a schedule, you will be able to hit up more parties with less uncertainty.

5. Get out and have fun! Do not just attend one party. London has so many great parties and opportunities that you should attend several parties. Experiment with new clubs and bars, and meet new people.

Top 5 clubs to go to on New Years Eve in London

1. Chinawhite

2. Cirque Du Soir

3. Movida

4. Rose Club

5. Aura Mayfair

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So that’s how to have the best new years eve party in London… easy right? Now get planning for this years NYE party! Go!

Oh and by the way, make sure your office Christmas party is all sorted before the end of November too, otherwise you’ll be partying in a garden shed :)

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