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Vesper Models: Looking To Become The Next Top Model?

If you can break into the modeling industry, work hard and have a clear vision of where you want to go… you’ll stand a greater chance of succeeding as a high fashion model that gets booked on top shoots and forms a glamorous career.

This is where Vesper Models comes in.

What is Vesper Models?

Vesper Models is exciting project launching for us in Dec 2012. We are going to connect with our various networks and contacts bringing together our extensive network of film, fashion and media friends and affiliates.

At present we are just a portfolio site. We want to be very clear that we are not an active modelling agency.

We simply provide a stylish, invite only, free platform for our Discovered Club Members (who have been hand picked and selected) an opportunity to have their portfolio on line and active so our friends and associates in the film, fashion media industries can view your profile and possibly get in touch for castings.

Sites such as Models Mayhem are similar except we are a little more selective and boutique. We want to make the most of our amazing network of industry friends and beautiful members of the The Discovered Club. We believe connecting people for free is good karma, also good business and can lead to many great things for everyone involved.

What can Vesper Models do for you?

The first thing is to be aware that this platform is completely free and their is no charge at any point further down the line.

No money changes hands at all. We would just like you to support the Vesper brand and attend some of our weekly events, also introduce your friends to our brand.

Making this a free service is so important for us when so many people charge unreasonable sums of money for portfolios and photos.

We are simply providing a very cool platform for you to promote yourself and be part of the brand. It might lead to fun and paid work through VB Models or it might give you a kick start from where you go to be signed by a major agency.

People should see it as a free tool to help young creative beautiful people get modelling work, commercials, promotional and acting.

How to apply to become a Vesper Model

Simply fill in the form below and one of our model representatives will be in touch shortly. Please note: You need to attach 2 photos of yourself (one head shot and one full body shot) natural with minimal makeup, we like a stylish, natural look. Don’t try to impress, we want real people.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications MUST be 18 years or above and NO NUDITY

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