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Why You Need to Be on the BLC Guestlist

BLC! The ultimate late nightclub open to 6am.

Most nightlife lovers will tell you that no two clubs are alike. The clientele, customer service, music and décor always form the main identity of the club. Even the location is a great influencing factor when it comes to how fun and interesting a club is. With the mushrooming of various clubs today, it is important to have an eye for the right places to go out partying; as no one wants to be stuck in a club they think is no fun when fun is all that is on their mind. All these factors combine to give you an idea of how hard it can be to get on to the BLC guestlist, one of London’s most exclusive night spots.

The British Luxury Club opened back in 2007 and draws the most glamorous and exclusive crowd in London. As the best place for, after parties in London, the club opens from around 1.00 am up to around 6.00am. Being the best place in London where the party goes on till sunrise, the British Luxury Club guestlist is mostly composed of die-hard partygoers who always keep the fun alive early into the morning kicking off from around 2.30 am.

This James Bond style venue conveniently located on Bond Street is characterised by one of a kind décor fit for only the most exclusive crowd in London. Inside the colour is a cool and enchanting midnight blue topped off by a mind blowing Swarovski Crystal Topped bar; this is quite literally the most standout feature of the club’s décor. For those lucky enough to be on the BLC guestlist, there is ample room for dancing the night away to the exhilarating tunes played all night, while the conveniently placed sofas provide great spots to rest and catch your breath before going on to the floor once again.

The BLC guestlist is made up of names from some of London’s, and even the world’s A-list celebrities and personalities. Providing a luxurious and fun ground to have fun and dance this club is a major hit with late night party goers and it’s not surprising to see a few high-end cars being driven to the spot.  Anyone who would like to rub shoulders with London’s elite can be sure to do so at this exclusive nightspot with restricted entrance. At the entrance, the door is guarded by firm but polite bouncers to regulate the crowd while an enthralling lady also at the door continues with her work with the BLC guestlist.

Entrance to this exclusive night spot is as exclusive as it gets, with access only being granted to members and a select few. One must be on the BLC guestlist to be allowed inside this one of a kind party spot.

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Why You Need to Be on the BLC Guestlist
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