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Playboy Club Guest List

The Playboy Club is a nightclub brand recognised worldwide. Wealthy and suave gentlemen drop in to see if they can find a lucky rabbit’s foot.

This club is known for beautiful ladies who offer a night of gentle play and urbane sophistication for its lucky patrons.

The famous bartender

Without a doubt, there’s satisfaction in standing in a cosy hutch watching Playboy Bunnies, but one of the primary draws at this club is the legendary London bartender Salvatore Calabrese.

Salvatore features a splendid array of dazzling glassware, rare books and unique barware, shakers and glasses. The spirits available are so unbelievable that they will make the most exacting rocket scientist lose count of the bunnies.

For example, the Vieux Cognac, bottled in 1788, will impress the most jaded connoisseur. Ask for it in one of Salvatore’s signature snifters, sir. Yes, this is available for gentlemen seeking the ultimate royal quaff. The oldest bottle of rye whiskey is also offered, as are Genever and creamy Cuban rum.

A vintage drink poured from one of these old soldiers will run a cool £2000 per glass, plus tip.

For those under the crown who can’t pay the king’s price, Salvatore offers classic cocktails and spirited inspirations created by the master himself. The Salvadore Martini with perfect bitters will please the most nifty gentleman.

Getting on the Playboy Club guest list

No one passes the regal Playboy Club London gate without an invitation, though. Those who wish to count bunnies or try a Salvadore drink, must sign the Playboy guest list. That’s the only way in. If you pass the Playboy assessment, a special invitation will be sent.

The Cottontail Lounge at this club is a hot and steamy lair with its own booths and bar to invite in a sassy lady for a dance.

Upstairs is The Player’s Bar, where patrons can watch the games on flat screen TV’s.

To find out if all those rabbit feet rubbed off any luck, patrons can try their hand at the gaming tables in the Casino. It features traditional game tables and electronic games. The room is staffed by trained Playboy Bunnies.

After winning enough to make that Lamborghini payment, patrons can ask Executive Chef Judy Joo to cook one of her signature dishes. It’s the perfect culinary end to a most pleasing night.

To hop inside the velvet rope, sign your name on the guest list. There’s no other nightclub that comes close to the Playboy Club London and its lucky bunny feet.

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Playboy Club Guest List
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