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How to Be on the Toy Room Club Guestlist

The Toy Room Club is an exclusive and luxury club which can be found on Swallow Street just right off London’s Regent Street. This club is often said to offer a completely unique RnB and Hip Hop experience to the elite clubbers of London. Get on the Toy Room Club Guestlist now and experience the excitement here.

Toy Room Club Features

Toy Room is not just your ordinary club. In fact, because it is high end and stylish, you need to be on the Toy Room Club Guestlist in order to be allowed entrance. The room is only capable of holding 180 people. This boutique club offers a high-quality elite clubbing experience to the most glamorous shakers and clubbers of London. You can expect great club nights and stylish interiors from this Mayfair exclusive hotspot.

This club was created out of the collaboration of some of the most elite names in the nightclub scene in London, including Chakana and Project London. This intimate club has a hint of Italian touch making it a standout and exude complete luxury and exclusiveness. This is definitely the new venue for London’s party lovers. At Toy Room London you can get to experience an elite clubbing experience.

Door Selection

In order to get through the strict door selection procedure, you need to be on the toy room club guestlist. Once inside, you would definitely be enjoying the night to remember for the rest of your life. They are open Thursdays to Saturdays from 22:30 to 3:00. A door charge may also apply upon entrance. Clubbers who are above 18 years old and on the toy room club guestlist are the ones who are allowed entrance.

Because this is an exclusive RnB and Hip Hop club, you need to wear smart dress, clean and casual, which means that you also need to follow certain door policies, including the need for the group to be either mixed or perhaps predominantly female. The booking policy and the prices may also vary.

Other reminders include arriving early for entrance. Make sure that you bring with you identification proof because they may be required. It is very important that you have availed of a toy room club guestlist in order to gain entrance. Take note however that even though you have all the requirements, it is still up to the management to allow admission.

Keep in mind that the Toy Room Club operates with a very strict door policy. Therefore, if your name is not on the toy room club guestlist, or perhaps you are not dressed accordingly based on the requirements of the club, you may not be allowed entry.

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How to Be on the Toy Room Club Guestlist
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