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Funky Buddha Guestlist

Funky Buddha advertises itself as a “strictly smart” club, and they are not kidding. Black tie events, Halloween parties, DJ battles; every one showcases some of the bright and beautiful among London’s Mayfair clubgoing scene. The Funky Buddha Guest List is a coveted and exciting place to be, for all the best reasons in the clubbing world.

Making The Guestlist

Take a look at the pictures for the Champagne House Thursday Night event. A woman in a beautiful evening dress, a gentleman in black suit and tie against a sharp white shirt. We said strictly smart, and we meant it. You can enjoy absolute elegance and class while partying at Funky Buddha, but don’t expect to if you can’t meet each night’s standard of high end clothing. If you can dress smart and clean up nicely, you might just find yourself on the guest list.


Mood and Atmosphere

Funky Buddha is a party club, and doesn’t want you to forget it. Fine DJs provide the latest and greatest in Funk, Hip Hop, and RnB music for the discerning crowdgoer. A spacious dance floor brings this underground club to life. You can enjoy the general bar, or reserve a place in the VIP section and experience a more intimate, tighter crowd. The Champagne House event every Thursday is pure elegance and class distilled into a chance to sample and enjoy some of the most exquisite spirits and wines in the entire Mayfair area.

Times to Go

Funky Buddha opens at 10pm, and stays open til “Late.” Late can vary, stretching right into the wee hours before the sunrise, so come early and expect to stay for a full night of smart, classy delight. If you arrive before 11pm, ladies typically can get in free. The exact times vary by event; on the Thursday Champagne House events, ladies can get in free before 11pm. On the Tuesday “Models’ Night Out” event, this extends to 11:30. check the events for the day you intend to attend, and see when you can get some of your party in without the cover charge.

The VIP experience

Funky Buddha is an exclusive kind of place. Located right next to celebrity hangout restaurant Nobo, the Buddha attracts all the right sorts to its parties. Get a perfect drink, listen to spectacular music, and attend some of the best themed parties in the entirety of London’s Mayfair.

Reserve a Place Today and get on the Guestlist

If you want to go to Funky Buddha, you need to get on the guest list. Reserving your place ahead of time can get you bottle service and a table while everyone else is exhausted from dancing. Reserving can get you a seat in the VIP area if you prefer that intimate atmosphere over the dance floor, and you can still go dance the night away if you want to. So reserve your place on the guest list now. No waiting, proper times to arrive and bring the ladies in your party in free, and a Strictly Smart experience you will never forget await.

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Funky Buddha Guestlist
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