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Disco Club London

Disco Club London is a members-only club in the heart of London that is dedicated to keeping the spirit of Disco alive. Disco London is loud in more ways than one. Of course it has music, but it also has bright colors and patterns all around to accommodate a true dance party feel. Its members and guests are encouraged to dance all night long with the help of hired singers and dancers. Some of them are clad in gold stretchy pants, vests and bow ties, and medallions. The 70’s vibe is made authentic by a Pan Am welcome at the door, afros all around, and as many disco balls and glitter as one can imagine. Disco Club London is an all night party.

Disco Club London

The club atmosphere

The atmosphere of Disco Club London is more than just a party atmosphere. The club truly transports its guests through time and back into the craziness of the 70s. From the airline entrance to the lit up dance floor, nobody will be in the 21st century while at Disco Club London. Their own custom drink menu features drinks from past, present, and future, so everyone can find a drink that they will enjoy. They even have a countdown to midnight each night to mimic a New Years Eve party into another year of disco. The celebration never ends.

VIP Club Entry

Entry into the disco party takes a little bit more than just showing up, though. As a members-only club, only members and their guests can join in on the fun. Prospective members must fill out an application on Disco Club London’s website, which will be reviewed by a committee of disco specialists. Once someone is awarded the title of “member”, they will have to pay just one annual fee to disco whenever they want. If non-members want to check out all that the disco scene has to offer, they can sign up on the guestlist. The guestlist is also on their website.

Disco London welcomes disco partiers and dancers to their club on Wednesday through Saturday every week. They are open from 11:00pm to 3:30am for a night full of bright lights, drinks, and upbeat music. The dress code consists of 70s getup attire or just clothes to get down and boogie in. No disco lovers will be allowed in unless they are at least 21 years of age, but 21st birthday parties are highly encouraged to join in on the disco fever. The club also offers private bookings for those who are looking for an extra special night out. They are perfect for corporate or private parties.

So take a chance and get on the guestlist. Those who are lucky enough to get in will be introduced to the night of their life, and those who are not will be sorry.

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Disco Club London
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