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Cuckoo Club Guest List

When it comes to aptly named establishments, few will appear higher on the register than the Cuckoo Club London because it is absolutely mad! Found on Swallow in the middle of glamorous Mayfair, the Cuckoo features rock-chic elegance spread over the venue’s two levels.

Renowned for parties and revelers that refuse to quit, the Cuckoo is not for the lethargic. With every available inch, including the tables, occupied by dancing clubbers, prepare to break a sweat. If you think you have the energy to handle the Cuckoo, read on to put yourself on the inside track for the Cuckoo Club guest list.

How do I get on the Cuckoo Club guest list?

Like many other hot spots in the area, the Cuckoo is an exclusive destination. The nightclub is primarily reserved for members and their guests. Other patrons desiring entry must either pass the discretion of the bouncers or be on the guest list. If you’d rather not suffer the whims of a capricious doorman for hours on end, head over here and place yourself on the Cuckoo Club guest list! A very simple process, you need only enter your personal information and we’ll help whisk you into one of the swankest clubs in London!

Once inside, your ears will be greeted by premier DJs spinning a variety of rock, electronic, and house as your eyes absorb the modern yet relaxed hues of the interior. Always spilling over with people, don’t expect a calm night out at Cuckoo, where craziness reigns!

The Cuckoo Club: A statement in originality

Recently renovated under the guidance renowned 1960’s designer Barbara Hulanicki, the Cuckoo Club London prides itself on individuality. Eschewing prefabrication for carefully selected decor and accents, Cuckoo is not just a destination, but a breathing, kaleidoscopic vitality.

The nightclub features two swank levels of partying. The ground floor houses a world class restaurant overseen by acclaimed chef Chris Cooper. The menu is dedicated to the preparation of contemporary continental cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.

The restaurant opens at 8:00 P.M. from Wednesday to Saturday with tables available for reservation. At 11:00 P.M. each evening, the restaurant is transformed into the club’s intimate upper level. Here the dining tables are converted into V.I.P. tables, ideal for evenings of bottles and people viewing.

The bottom floor of the Cuckoo is where the bird really winds up. Featuring a mesmerizing L.E.D. ceiling that pulsates with the music, the bottom floor is overwhelmed by the dancing public. Cuckoo’s premier DJs spin the newest trance and house records as clubbers dance relentlessly to the electric beats. If you’re looking for a frenetic, energetic nightclub experience in London, you won’t find many better than this.

The Cuckoo Club London earns its reputation as one of the most stylish and desirable night spots in the city. That reputation breeds exclusivity and unless you are fortunate enough to know a member, you’ll have to find other paths to entry. Luckily, we can help you into the Cuckoo. Just sign up at our Cuckoo Club guest list and you’ll be basking in its decadent halls in no time!

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Cuckoo Club Guest List
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