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Cirque Du Soir Guest List

No other club in London has the intense and thrilling atmosphere of Cirque du Soir nightclub. Recently moved to its new venue just off Kingly Street Oxford Circus, Cirque du Soir London has a carnival atmosphere that manages to be whimsical and alluring at the same time.

If you are expecting an every day club, you will be surprised at the incredible performances put on nightly. This is certainly no ordinary London club. Read on to find out how you can put yourself on the Cirque du Soir guest list.

Cirque du Soir nightclub is exclusive and members only. On a normal night, the only way to get in will be to be a member of the club, or to be accompanied by a member. On certain nights, they open up the entrance to select people who are on the guest list.

How do you get on the Cirque du Soir guest list?

Head over to the Cirque du Soir guest list and add yourself there. Once you have made the cut, you will be allowed entry into Cirque du Soir London, truly the epitome of cool in this giant metropolis.

If you want an everyday drinking experience, stay home. If you want the ultimate night out, head to Cirque du Soir. You will find DJs spinning most nights of the week, a blend of musical styles that is different from the same repeats you might hear in less luxurious clubs. The atmosphere is kept pumped up all night, with men and women dancing to the beats.

Awesome location in London and great atmosphere

Cirque du Soir may have an incredible location, good looking staff, and awesome music. However, the real experience is seeing the circus like performances that go on each night. On any night of the week you might see world class magicians, snake charmers, or acrobatics going on overhead.

Any number of performances can go on right at the bar, creating a festival like experience that is unbeatable. The luxurious and upscale interiors make you feel as if you had stepped back in time, to a turn of the century carnival–and you are the honored guest.

Those funky and modern beats will bring you back to reality, and a beautifully mixed cocktail will remind you that you are in the heart of sophistication in the centre of London.

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Cirque Du Soir Guest List
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