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Bungalow 8 Guest List

Bungalow 8 is an exclusive lounge for “members-only,” chiefly known for its top notch DJs and elegant cocktails. Don’t get confused between the Bungalow 8 in London and that in New York since both of them are completely different. First of all, the Bungalow 8 in London is a piping hot centre for the celebrities and you would actually expect a less exclusive treatment for the commoners however that’s not so!

You may expect pretentious fashionistas standing as the door staff and the bartenders; however, the entire staff at the lounge is friendly and cooperative. When you get inside, you will be amazed at the stunning lighting, particularly when the DJs put up a nice show to demonstrate their skills. A mix of the 1960s, 70s and 80s combined with some modern hip-hop really sets the mood for the night.

Since Bungalow 8 has purposefully a smaller space for dance, it offers a much more intimate and different dancing experience, which you will not find in any other club or private bar in London.

Being distinct is what Bungalow 8 focuses on, and appeals to a crowd different than you will find at a usual club. The eclectic mix of people is what you should be looking for if you are lucky enough to pay a visit.

You must either have the lounge’s membership or be on the guest list to enter the lounge. On weekdays, they somewhat relax the members only policy but your name must still be on the guest list in order for you to get inside.

How do you Get On The Bungalow 8 Guest List

Go to the Bungalow 8 Guest List and put down your name and other particulars there. Once you have been accepted, you will not be stopped at the entry to Bungalow 8 in London.

Keep in mind that Bungalow 8 is not your usual pub where you would head to along with your drinking buddies. Go to Bungalow 8 only if you are in for an ultimate night of dancing, energy-pumping music beats and cocktails.

Bungalow 8’s Terrific Location

Bungalow 8 nightclub is located right below the Light Bar in the St Martin’s Hotel situated in Covent Garden. The lounge’s interior has been designed by the renowned India Mahdavi. The interior décor combined with celebrated DJ’s, tasty snacks; those amazing cocktails and seldom-exclusive events altogether offer a whole other nightlife experience in London.

Additionally, those specialised services that Bungalow 8 offer along with the “boutique atmosphere” really brings the lounge to the level of world’s best exclusive lounges.

The complete address of Bungalow 8 is: St Martin’s Lane Hotel, 45 St Martins Lane, West End, London, WC2N 4HX. The closest tube that you can grab is Leicester Square. The closest restaurants at a distance of about 41 meters to 45 meters from the lounge are Asia De Cuba, Epoca, Spreads Café, Angel and Crown, and Green Man and French Horn.

There are also some cinemas at over 200 meters distance including the Empire Leicester Square and Odeon Leicester Square.

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Bungalow 8 Guest List
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