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Aura Guest List

A tasteful cosmopolitan experience is missing from so many clubs where plastic and vinyl design schemes dressed up in black and silver seem to taint people by association. There is some hope for people who tire of these clubs that feel so drab and uninspired; there is an exquisite venue in the heart of Mayfair that provides a different kind of club-going experience.

Aura Club in London is both elegant and contemporary, and its enticing ambience will attract the most selective adults who dare to step through its doors. To join this exclusive club, you should plan to avoid the crowd of party goers who will never have a chance to mix among so many sophisticated, gyrating bodies on the fabulous dance floor. We invite you to join the Aura guest list.

For a break from the norm in the metropolitan night club scene, one must look no further than this well-appointed haven for urbanites. Aura Nightclub is a full-service entertainment club offering not only a spacious dance floor with posh 21st-century furnishings and club lighting; it features a superior DJ, a well-stocked bar with hundreds of cocktails and specialty drinks, and a restaurant.

You should come and join our mystical environment and meet new people while recouping the benefits of the club’s exclusivity. Only the most discerning adults will appreciate Aura’s tasteful and sensuous experience. This is a place where it feels natural to mix with friends and make contact with fascinating strangers.

Aura is the vision of a talented team of entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, including airline magnate Tony Fernandes, motorsports enthusiast and entrepreneur Jonny Dodge, and owner of the Supper Club, Alberto Barbieri.

Where Elite Guests Appreciate the Exclusivity of it All

These powerful and creative individuals from the London entertainment industry have combined their ingenious insights and spectacular visions to produce a rich and entertaining space for Londoners who seriously like to party. This means that the upper echelon of society can come together in violet-tinted ambience, and they can embrace the perspective that in one night anything is possible.

A surefire way to enjoy the Aura Club in London nestled in the Mayfair entertainment district is to bring lovers and friends after submitting your name to the Aura guest List. It is our keenest goal to pay particular attention to jet-setters like you who maintain an intense interest in enjoying our unique club.

We will get you right through the queue, giving you access to exclusive social amenities. Let us accelerate your potential for chance encounters and inspire your night of cocktails and dancing. We promise to keep the spirits flowing as you partake of the fluid, yet sophisticated atmopshere.

At Aura Nightclub, there are endless possibilities that can inspire you in one evening in this London entertainment scene. Your experience will be complemented with first-rate service so that you will find it expedient to return again and again for night-time socialisation.

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Aura Guest List
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