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8 Ultimate Cocktails For The Stylish and Sophisticated Man

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While a pint of ale may be your preferred beverage of choice, it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone and try something different. Nothing says “I’m an adult” like a cocktail. Your choice of cocktail says a lot about who you are.

Here are a few classic cocktails for the sophisticated man about town.


The Sidecar originated in France during the inter-war years, allegedly first appearing at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Comprised of Cointreau, Cognac, and lemon juice, the Sidecar is a unisex favourite that crosses boundaries.

Tangy and sweet, and just a bit tart, the Sidecar’s a great way to build a buzz while maintaining an air of sophistication and class.

Here’s the Sidecar cocktail recipe.

Old Fashioned

When you want to simultaneously impress the old man sitting next to you and annoy the bartender, do things the Old Fashioned way. The first appearance of the Old Fashioned was at a Kentucky gentleman’s club in the 1880’s.

It’s made by muddling cubed sugar, American Whiskey, bitters, and a small amount of water. The taste is fairly unique, and takes some getting used to. At Vesper Black we like Don Draper and we like Old Fashioned

Here’s the Old Fashioned cocktail recipe.

James Bond Martini ‘The Vesper’

The original recipe for Bond’s weapon of choice comes straight from Ian Fleming’s first novel. It’s a mix of equal parts dry gin and vodka, with a splash of Lillet Blanc wine. It’s become quite popular ever since the release of Casino Royale a few years ago. It’s also the perfect way to irritate Martini traditionalists.

At Vesper Black we found love for this particular classic

Here’s the James Bond Martini recipe.


Perfect for writing novels or clobbering marlin, there’s a good reason the Daiquiri was Hemingway’s drink of choice. Created in Cuba around 1900 by mine workers, it combines white rum, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and simple syrup. It’s unsurprisingly sweet and tart, but still fairly manly as far as drinks go.

Here’s the Daiquiri recipe.


If you’re looking for a different way to enjoy bourbon, the Manhattan could be it. Originally served at New York’s Manhattan Club in the 1870s, it combines Canadian Whisky or Rye, Sweet Vermouth, and Angostura bitters into a sweet and rich cocktail with some heft. This is an Ernest Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald special

Here’s the Manhattan cocktail recipe.

Whiskey Sour

It’s not for everyone, but the Whiskey Sour is a classic that deserves more respect. Elegant in it’s simplicity, the Whiskey Sour was most likely invented about five minutes after the invention of whiskey.

It’s composed of whiskey, lemon, and syrup. The citrus and syrup take some of the edge off of the whiskey, leaving you with a fairly smooth concoction.

Here’s the Whiskey Sour cocktail recipe.

Gin Fizz

It’s the drink your grandfather would have preferred, if he were American, and a 1930’s bootlegger. While the origins are unknown, it’s made with gin, fresh lime, and club soda. It’s simple, but highly effective. Dry and effervescent, it has a clean finish that doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Here’s the Gin Fizz cocktail recipe.


A jungle in a glass! The story of the Mojito’s birth is shrouded in mystery, though it allegedly dates back to the 1500s. A Mojito is a mixture of white rum, mint, syrup, lime, and soda. In terms of taste, it’s basically a gin and tonic with mint thrown in for good measure.

It’s not a bad combination, if that’s what you’re into. The flavour-of-the-week feel of the Mojito has worn off, and it’s now a respectable option that’s not overly trendy.

Here’s the Mojito cocktail recipe.

Parting Shot

If at all possible, avoid fruit in your cocktails. Citrus is an obvious exception, but keep the mangoes and pineapples to a minimum. First off, those aren’t true cocktails. And secondly, having a rain forest sprouting out of your glass looks ridiculous. Stick to the classics above, and you’ll be fine.

So that’s it! What’s your favourite cocktail and why?

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  1. Jack Wells

    Great rundown of cocktails. I’ve just recently started getting into them after drinking beer for so long, I think as I’ve gotten older my pallet has changed.

    I tried something called the Ace of Clubs last night, bloody good drink that, goes down far too easy so watch out or you’ll be on the floor before you know it!

    Here it is – http://www.esquire.com/drinks/ace-of-clubs-drink-recipe

    Friday 9th December 2011, 10:17 pm Reply
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