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Top 6 Must Have Clubbing Items

2 Comments - By Caterina Florescul

We all have seen what people bring to a nightclub. From the stuff that you need; like a wallet, to things you can’t stop but wonder ‘what the hell is THAT doing there?!’ So to help you clubbers out there, these are the 6 must-have items on a night out.

#1 Stashed Mullas (Moneys)

This is one of those items that can make or break your night. If you’ve done prinks I’m sure you will be fine, usually. But if you have to travel for more than an hour to a nightclub the dreaded sobering-up begins :D Now you have to get more drinks and that’s when the wallet comes in handy. As the night goes on you’ve you spent all the wallet cash, and you SWORE the card is only for emergencies. This is where the stashed money is a saviour. Whether kept in the sock (for guys) or the bra (for gals) stashed money is a must. Now it might have been for the taxi, but sure you can always get more with your card. So enjoy spending your savings peeps, the bar beckons! ;)


#2 Phone and charger

C’mon who leaves their house without a phone? It’s a big NO. At this stage you might as well be the lone wolf with no friends. Wondering around trying to find a familiar faces, is nigh on impossible! (I know, happened to me :P). If you know half the people in the club you might get lucky and spot them, but it’s rare. Other times, you’re having an amazing time dancing away. But then you get in to “la la land” and guess what? You lost your friends (again)! You reach out for your phone and see the battery is dead. Sometimes you can sneakily get a bartender to charge it for you, so carry an external charger! :D


#3 House Keys

House keys may be the last thing in your mind, but again one of those that can make or break the night. After your phone and money, this is the most valuable item. Nothing is worse than coming from a night out when you only realise at the door that you’ve left the keys inside. At this stage you’re either sober and annoyed or intoxicated and can barely think because you had amazing night. Just don’t get any odd ideas like breaking into your house :P



#4 Selfie stick

The act of people taking pictures of themselves has never been as global as it is today, thus the Selfie stick has invaded the world over. :O I was out with few friends and I had my selfie stick (it was a present, I swear!), this was the most amazing thing. How you may ask? Well the pictures turned out great. Plus the randomers photo-bombing us became good friends ;) Beware selfie sticks are banned in some nightclubs. So hide them well before going in.




#5 Flat shoes

Ever wonder why we girls have big bags in a nightclub? Flat shoes; or ballerinas, are the reason. You would expect them not to take up much space, but they do! >:O It is especially infuriating when you find the PERFECT bag for the dress and the damn shoes don’t fit in! #EveryGirlsProblem




#6 Hair Bobbins

Heheh, this only a girl would understand ;) It’s the end of the night, your hair is messy and you don’t have a brush. You go through your bag trying to find a bobbin but sadly no luck, and your hair now resembles a dishevelled bush. What if you run into your future husband/wife and your hair is in that state? As you rummage through your bag in desperation you see your lacy underwear. Sometimes you gotta think outside the box ;)

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Caterina Florescul

Caterina is an Event Management student with an addiction for traveling, exploring and caffeine. Loves to socialise and meet new people!! Her favourite places to go out in London are Cirque le Soir and the Kensington Roof Gardens and you might catch her there ;). A passionate Events Photographer with ambition, creativity but she watches way too many TV series. She likes herself as a fashionista with a great sense of style, and occasionally sets new fashion trends. More posts by

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2 Comments so far
  1. Matthew Hussey

    This is fantastic article, I would never leave the house without my keys, great advice. Keep it up guys, I’m paying close attention. MH

    Wednesday 9th September 2015, 10:04 pm Reply
    • Vesper Black

      Hey Matt

      Long time. How is everything going?

      Monday 28th September 2015, 11:09 pm Reply
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