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Top 5 Rising Modern Photographers In The World

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Not unlike architects, painters and other artists, photographers have a style all their own.

Over years of hard work and dedication, many photographers acquire world famous reputations related to specific styles or particular subject matter. The combination of colour, composition and design offers the rare view of the world through the photographer’s eyes.

Below are the top 5 up and coming modern photographers in the world, who have been recognised in their field for inspiring work.

1. Martin Schoeller

At 44, Martin Schoeller enjoys the prestige of being one of the youngest top photographers in the world. After studying photography in Berlin, he ventured to New York City and studied documentation and portrait photography. Before starting a professional career, Schoeller worked as an assistant to Annie Leibovitz.

From 1995 on, he began building a collection of dramatic, enlarged headshots of famous and not so famous faces of people from around the world. Featured in a number of international exhibitions and in his book entitled “Close-Up: Portraits,” Schoeller’s photographs capture the raw essence of dozens of individuals.

2. Steven Meisel

When it comes to fashion, many consider Steve Meisel one of the best photographers around the world. Beauty and fashion models fascinated Meisel from an early age.

Working as a fashion illustrator during the 80s, Meisel photographed aspiring models who submitted pictures to “Seventeen Magazine.” The magazine hired the inexperienced photographer for a few assignments and his photographs soon caught the eye of the editors of Vogue magazine.

Meisel’s photographs appear in a variety of publications and include exclusive annual covers for Italia Vogue. From celebrities to top models, the highly sought after photographer also captures ad campaign images for a long list of fashion designers that include Calvin Klein, Prada and Versace.

3. Jo Lance

Jo Lance became fascinated with the world seen in the camera viewfinder from an early age. Known for being boisterous and wild as a teen, Lance studied photography during high school and college. His first job involved shooting film stills in Hollywood during the 80s.

Besides taking photographs, Lance’s vision also included that of being a creative art director. He moved to New York and began working with agency models.

Seen in magazines and galleries in London and around the world, many consider the top photographers iconic images a combination of eccentricity and modern freak chic. After decades of photographing celebrities and top models, Lance currently presides as one of the judges on the television show Mexico’s Next Top Model.

4. Craig Robinson

Top photographer for moodboard photographic agency, Craig is an up and coming whirl-wind creative photographer who is renowned for getting the best from his models and creating new creative fashions and concepts.

Craig has worked with major clients such as British Airways, Volkswagen and Barclays as well has having his work in Vogue, Time Out and Lonely Planet.

His favourite photographer is Bob Carlos Clarke, and prefers shooting on his Canon 1d.

He has worked all over the world but cites Thailand and Japan as the most beautiful countries to work in.

“Both the landscape and the fashion in Japan and Thailand is breathtaking, they are always creating new ideas and fashions, and I just love to be a part of that and absorb it all. Rama Road and Shibuja are some of my favourite places to find new ideas, styles and concepts”

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5. Donald Weber

Originally an architect, Weber’s interest in design eventually led him to photography. Raised in the Ukraine, one of Weber’s well-known projects includes a photographic documentary of Chernobyl taken a quarter of a century after the fateful nuclear accident. Weber more recently documented the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The many awards received by the photojournalist include the Duke and Duchess of York Photography Prize. Donald Weber’s work appears in numerous publications from the New York Times to Rolling Stone Magazine.

His photographs graced the halls of galleries world wide including the United Nations and the United States Holocaust Museum.

Who’s your favourite photographer? Let us know below…

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