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How to get a VIP Table in a top London Club

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Clubbing is one of the the UK’s most popular pastimes, especially in one of the world’s large metropolitan centers. Of course we’re talking about our very own London Town. It’s fun enough all on its own, but there are some things a person can do to elevate their clubbing experience from “fun” to “over the top”, and booking a couple of London club VIP tables is definitely one of them. Outlined below we here at Vesper Black have put our heads together to come up with our top tips for getting yourself a tasty VIP table in any one of the cities hottest London Clubs. We’ll tell you how to get the best table service, the best seats and the sexiest cocktails and we’ll give you a run down of just what you should expect from your VIP table service.


Without further a do. Here’s the Vesper Black Guide to getting a VIP table in a top London Nightclub.

Booking your VIP experience

To book a table at a London club is definitely rewarding, but like the saying goes, first things first: You’ve gotta get in the door! Here are some things to remember when endeavoring to get past the velvet rope and on to those London club VIP tables that, if executed properly, will make entering your favorite London club a breeze:

Door Policy


Every London club is different, and thus each one is apt to have a different door policy. In a world that strains to be politically correct, it’s fair to say that the nightclub door policy may be the most arbitrarily enforced and cheerfully accepted form of discrimination left in modern times. If the bouncers don’t like you, you aren’t getting in the door unless you’re on a list of some kind already and even then it’s at the discretion of the management.

Dress Code

Like door policies, every club has a dress code. Some don’t care what their patrons wear, and some will hang you from a gibbet if you show up in jeans. How do you know which club favors what? Research! Scope out the clubs you want to go to ahead of time, and use their website or promotional materials to find out what’s what. In fact, research can get you good info on a lot of things discussed in this article, so don’t skip it! After all, there’s no quicker, more embarrassing, or more easily avoided ticket to rejection at the rope than showing up sporting the wrong threads. Besides, it’s one thing to book a table at a London club – it’s another thing entirely to look the part.


Finding a good rep is a great way to up your chances of entrance into your London club of choice. They’ll do all the heavy lifting (reservations for dinner and advance booking so you’re on the lists of the clubs you want to frequent, car service if you want it, and the like) so you can concentrate on having fun! It’ll cost you, and there are never any iron-clad guarantees of success, but most good reps are at least reasonably well-connected and good at what they do, and having their aid is certainly better than not having it. All in all, they tend to be a good investment. Join ‘THE CLUB’ and our well connected, reliable club reps will email you each week with exclusive nights they’re promoting.

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Having ‘your guy on the inside’ is crucial. Not everyone will know the owner of the club but having a good promoter who is loyal to you, knows you tastes and requirements and can overcome any obstacles in the key to avoiding all the usual nonsense that goes with VIP Clubs.

Building a personal relationship with a promoter where you know his background, sidelines and friends and family is a great way to ensure VIP service all the way and standing out from the crowd without having to re-mortgage the house or sell the family silver. Promoters can always get you that little bit extra!

The best way to approach a promoter is ask around or (click here) and drop the VIP promoter team a message. Tell us what you’re after and how we can make your VIP London Club experience the best and then rock up to one of our nights, be a great client, splash out on your first experience a little bit more than usual and you will be looked after forever going forward. Let your promoter know that is he is professional and makes your West End Clubbing the best it can be you will look after him and be a regular client.

If you every have an extra wonderful night be sure to show him or her some appreciation. Tips are not essential in the UK but if you’re at a club in the USA it is expected.

Remember a promoter/client relationship is like any other and requires both sides to behave with respect and professionalism.

Name Dropping

This one’s simple: No bouncer in his right mind is going to give the bum’s rush to somebody who knows the owners of the door he’s guarding. So, intrepid fun seeker, if you know the owners (or the DJs, bartenders, or other high-level and/or popular people in the same vein), don’t be afraid to give a nod, a wink, and a name at the door!

So now that you’re inside, why splurge on VIP service? Here’s why:

  1. It’ll get you in the door! That’s right, booking VIP service (with an adequately sized group, of course; singles usually won’t fly) is a nice little loophole that separates you from the riff-raff.
  2. VIP booking means you get magical line-jumping powers! Oh, there’s a two hour line in the rain to hear some hot new DJ? Not if you booked a VIP table, there isn’t.
  3. Bottle service for at least one bottle is often included in VIP pricing. The vast majority of clubs aren’t going to ply you with unlimited free drinks, but you’ll get a few, and discounts on the rest. After all, the name of the VIP game is exclusive service, and some places really go all out. Speaking of which, many London clubs give discounted or free cloak room fees, private access to the DJs, and other such perks to their VIPs.
  4. It can often be cheaper than normal entry! That’s right, a group of some size can often negotiate a discount (reps come in handy here), making table service in London clubs cheaper than standard entry. More perks for less money? How’s that for success?


While you certainly don’t have to do it, booking VIP tables in London is one of the best ways to enjoy yourself at some of the funnest clubs in London. Why not make a night of it?

If you have any questions about getting hold of a good promoter feel free to email hello@vesperblack.com or call Peter on 07737 315 126. Or just sign up to our newsletter.

Join over 5000 Londoners in THE CLUB. Our team will email you every week with invites to London's most exclusive parties.
We hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.


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