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Get Paid to Party – What it takes to be a London nightclub promoter

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There are very few jobs in this world that really pay you to have the time of your life, jobs which blur the lines between business and pleasure, but when you work as a club promoter in London those lines get blurred and you’ll probably start to feel like your life has become an endless party, filled with exclusive access, VIP treatment and hundreds of new friends. London club promoter jobs are not always easy to find, sometimes it’s who you know, and sometimes it’s about knowing what to do.

1. Get out there!

You should start by getting out in London, visit the hottest venues, and get to know your town – ask around, and see if any of your local clubs are hiring. Many establishments will be looking for their next club promoter, and it could be you if you are cool enough to handle the nightclub jobs that they offer.

2. Talk to existing club promoters

Often you’ll find that club promoters work for an umbrella company or brand, and it’s likely that they’re hiring, make friends and be sociable, if you’re cool enough and you’ve got the edge it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

3. Take pride in yourself

Image is important, you have to look good and feel good. Be confident and articulate and a little charisma goes a long way. It’s a people position, so you have to be affable and likeable. These qualities alone will see you on your way to club promoter success in no time.

Making the switch from party goer to party promoter isn’t always easy, but it’s guaranteed to be a great ride. You get paid to party as you make new friends and get them exclusive access to London’s hottest clubs, they’ll love you for it and you’ll get to hang out with new people every night, and you’ll get to hook them up with free drinks – now everyone loves that guy!

Nightclub promoter jobs can be demanding, so it’s important to find the one that’s are right for you. You may have to start out small, but the work as a club promoter in London will definitely be worth the small start in the end.

What is a nightclub promoter?

Still stuck? Still confused about what this club promoter business is all about? Well, it’s pretty simple – you basically get to get paid to party at the most happening clubs in London. You’ll get free entrance, and be the go to guy for many of the clubs visitors. You’ll be the man or woman about town, and you’ll network with hundreds of people across the city. As you move up the club promoter chain, you’ll get access to more and more exclusive events, and fine tune your promotion skills. Everyone will want to hire you, and you get free drinks whenever you want them. It really is a dream job for social butterflies who are prepared to work hard and have a passion for parties.

It’s not just free entry and free drinks you can expect as a club promoter in London, these sort after nightclub jobs come with tons of other perks too. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with tons of new friends and acquaintances, and maybe even a few stars. Nightclub promoter jobs will make you feel like you are on top of the world, dressed to the nines and frequenting the greatest clubs in London, you’ll always be current and on top of what’s hot. As a club promoter, you will go to the most popular clubs in London help bring in new people. You’ll chat and dance and party all night with other people, and best of all, when everyone else goes home with an empty wallet, you’ll be cashing your pay check. Some of these jobs can be found by applying online, but the best London nightclub jobs usually come from managers spotting you or you telling them how great you would be at the job. London club promoter jobs require great personal interaction with people from all walks of life, and the work as a club promoter in London is more like a constant vacation than a job.

Many people love to get out and enjoy life as much as possible, but few get the chance. If you have the skills that it takes to bring people to your party, you will be successful when you work as a club promoter in London. Both Men and Women can get involved in the club promoter game, the main requirement is an ability to get people to come to your club and party with you.

When you are a club promoter, you are basically responsible for talking people and having a great time with them – helping make sure their night is tip top. The scene in London is filled with all sorts of people that are looking for a good time, and you get to be the one that shows them the time of their life.

Many promoter jobs include lots of freebies and fantastic VIP treatment and can take you to parties in amazing night clubs, to private penthouses, and these positions also have great financial rewards. Imagine what it must be like to drink for free, get paid to party and never have to spend your own money to hit the clubs with new friends and old. All nightclub jobs are not the same, so once you have your foot in the door continue pushing hard to maximize your success. The better you do as a promoter, the more money you will make and the more excitement you will have.

Get Paid To Party!

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