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Cannes Festival 2013 – Event and Party Guide

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Cannes Film Festival was founded for just one reason – for the development of the cinema industry. This draws attention and raises the profile of good films. This gives a boost to the film industry all over the world. An annual event, Cannes Festival 2013 will be held from 15th to 26th May, 2013 this year.

Cannes Film Festival 2013

It is the most prestigious film festival in the world and it began humbly in 1946, since then it has become an annual event the French Riviera town of Cannes. It celebrates film making past and present and throughout every genre and country.

The festival begins with numerous parties, all of which are attended by A-list celebs and the glitterati. These parties are often built up with as much hype as the film festival it’s self. Listed below, is our guide to the best parties and most exciting events happening this year at the Cannes Film Festival. Thinking about visiting Cannes 2013? Not a bad idea, given you can expect to sip champagne, lounge in designer bikinis on luxury yachts, and attend glitzy premiers with the who’s who of the film industry.

Cannes festival is famous for many things, but the parties should be at the top of your list. Two types of parties are held during the festival – post screening parties and early cocktail receptions in the evening. The latter is held during sunset, and the venue is usually at a beachfront pavilion. The post-screening parties are held in many places, so make sure you do your research.

Take note that there are no official parties for the attendees of the festival. Most of the parties are, therefore, private affairs with specific guest lists. If you want to be invited, then the first thing to go is to keep your ears open for all news and try to secure an invite before the festival begins. Make sure you visit Vesper White Parties for your chance to get into best parties in Cannes this year.

TORCH Platform

Torch Platforms is known to create and operate the best entertainment and hospitality venues at all premier events like Cannes Film Festival, Formula One, World Cup Football and a string of others too. The parties are hosted at beaches or ski resorts, depending on the festival or the event.

Torch gives a kick-start to the 2013 Film Festival in Cannes with a celebrity filled party that will be unmatched anywhere else in the world. They will light the torch of the Cannes’ 66th Festival on Vagaluna Beach at the Carlton Hotel. Anyone lucky enough to attend this star studded event can expect to have the most wildly entertaining, luxurious and completely mind blowing time of their lives.

Once the torch is lit, party goers will join the celebrities at the Torch, in the heart of La Croisette. The venue is amazingly perfect for casual eating or drinking during the daytime or sophisticated films in the afternoon or evening. Watch the late night parties as they ignite Cannes and keep an eye out for the stars who will stand out in the crowd. Will it be the same stars as last year or will there be new faces?

Hotel Carlton

Hotel Carlton Cannes 2013
The legendary Hotel Intercontinental Carlton at Cannes is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2013. So, it will be a double celebration along with the Cannes 2013 party. The hotel itself sports classic photos of festivals from bygone years. You can see shots of Brigitte Bardot, Sylvester Stallone, and many more. It has approximately 340 rooms, which includes 39 suites. There is an Alfred Hitchcock suite and a Sean Connery suite too.

The cost of a room at the Carlton isn’t cheap during the festival days but it is worth every Euro. Watch out for Hollywood’s finest as they’ll all be out in force, attending the Cannes festivities and making appearances at all the best parties.

VIP Rooms

VIP Room Cannes 2013
Scheduled for the 17th May, 2013, this is a chance to witness the ultimate VIP party. A firm Cannes favorite, the VIP Rooms at Cannes is being hosted by Swimming Wings Productions Inc. Situated in the French Riviera; this is a very prestigious venue. The club attracts a young crowd, and it’s a happening and hip place to be seen. The décor of the VIP Rooms is contemporary. It is made more attractive by the music video screens on the club walls and the lighting designs. A restaurant menu is also located within the premises for the convenience of the clubbers. It is perhaps, the most fashionable place to be in Cannes.

Le Baoli

Le Baoli cannes 2013
If you are at Cannes during the film festival, then Le Baoli is an absolute must visit. Like other parties on this list, Le Baoli is a guaranteed celebrity hang out. If you are hoping to meet those who set the film world on fire, then Le Baoli is the perfect club.

Le Baoli is one of the most popular clubs in Cannes, so it’s not easy to get in. We advise you make sure you’re dressed to the nines and looking fine. Early arrivals stand a better chance of entry than those arriving late, and make sure you can see and walk straight when you head for the club.

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Cannes 2013
On 25st May, 2013, Nikki Beach will open its doors for the Cannes 2013 party. This year is Nikki Beach’s tenth anniversary, so you can expect them to really turn up the heat, rumor has it there’s a big surprise from the guys at the beach this year.

Cannes Celebrity Gallery

Check out some of our red carpet snaps from past years at Cannes.

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