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14 Essential Items of Clothing Every Man Should Have

3 Comments - By Vesper Black

Men these days are becoming a little lack luster when it comes to looking the part and standing out due to their unique style. Today I want to run through a selection of items I believe every man should have in their wardrobe as a given.

These items are the fundamentals of clothing for guys and should be the basis before even thinking about wearing anything else. If you have everything below, then you are starting form the best possible point with gentleman’s fashion.

Brogue shoes

Without a doubt the most important part of clothing for a man. If you have a great pair of shoes, women will take notice and they will set the tone for the rest of your outfit.

Grab a pair of black or brown brogues, they are classic shoes and can be worn with almost any type of clothing on a guy, especially suits. Not to mention, they look great after a little wear and tear too so you don’t need to polish them like crazy.

Skinny black tie

A vintage yet simple look that makes a suit the finished article. A skinny black tie will go with almost any slim fitting shirt and looks incredible with a fitted suit. They will never go out of fashion and can be worn for so many different events.

Plain slim fitting white shirt

The white shirt is a must. It can be worn for any occasion and always looks dapper when worn correctly. Opt for a slim fitting shirt, single cuff with a Windsor collar for a classic distinguished look.

Slim fitting grey suit

Grey again, just goes with most colours and works for any event or occasion. Never buy a regular fitting suit or the extreme skinny suits, leave those for the young boys following high street tacky trends. You’re a gentleman and gents wear slim fitting suits. They look crisp and fashionable every time.

White and black fitted v-neck t-shirts

These are for the more casual look, but can be worn under a jacket, without a jacket or even a shirt with the buttons undone. Aim for a medium sized v-neck, nothing too extreme or too uptight.

Timeless watch

This isn’t a clever play on words I promise. When picking a watch, go for a trusted and respected brand like Hugo Boss or Omega. You don’t have to break the bank, but spending around £400 for a watch that will go with any item of clothing we recommend.

Acquiring a less expensive classic watch is good start and once you see the value you can make a larger investment in something a little more vintage that is a truly timeless and life long.

I’d go for a silver strap with a black or brown face, you should aim for a medium size face, nothing too big and brash but also nothing too small and lady like.


A bracelet can be a great item to add to a casual look, some beads or a silver bangle is perfect. Don’t go over kill here, you’re not Russell Brand. We also don’t want to appear tacky, it needs to look effortless but very stylish.

Classic black briefs

It goes without saying, but you need a fresh clean pair of black briefs. They are sexy, smart and look great… something for the ladies.

Tie clip

A great little piece for a suit that adds a touch of class. Just sets the look and makes you look like you care, so go for a plain silver tie clip and don’t even think about getting your initials on them or adding any bling, simple is the way forward.

Fresh black cotton socks

Men have trouble with socks oddly enough, but they play a major part in the entire outfit. You need some black 100% cotton socks that fit.

Dark blue slim fitting jeans

Dark blue can be worn again with many different outfits, so a slim fitting pair is perfect for both casual and smart. Named brands aren’t essential, it’s all about the quality, fit and look.

Casual loafers

Black or dark brown suede or leather loafers are fantastic for a smart casual look. They go with jeans, shorts, socks and no socks, giving you an item that is very universal.

Black leather belt

A slim black leather belt with a simple silver buckle will do perfectly. You can wear it with everything. Just a side note on accessories like belts, always match your belt and shoes with the same colour, never mismatch.

Black leather jacket

Saving the best for last? I think so! A black leather jacket is without a doubt the best investment you can make in clothes for a guy. It’s timeless, edgy and looks so cool, think Steve McQueen and you’ll be just fine.

So there you have it, simple but classic items that can make even the scruffiest man look half decent. Throwing some lighter and darker brown items into the mix is also a good idea, but if you can’t be bothered to shop, just stick to the basics and you’ll be good to go.

If you have any other items which you think I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments below, would be great to have some other ideas.

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  1. Melissa

    Hello, I was just wondering where you got the picture for the grey skinny suit, I am trying to get the designer for my boyfriends formal suit, thanks.

    Monday 13th January 2014, 8:38 pm Reply
  2. Dipak Chopra

    Please would you add me to your email post list.


    Tuesday 1st April 2014, 4:01 am Reply
  3. ruth

    Do you know where i could find the grey suit that is in one of the pictures above?

    Monday 26th January 2015, 9:20 pm Reply
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