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Dating Expert Hayley Quinn looks at ‘What men REALLY go for on Tinder! Is it the same as Nightclubs?’

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259So I have been close friends with Peter and the guys at Vesper for Donkey’s years. We have had many nights out (mainly Maddox, Cirque, Boujis, The Box and some great parties in Vegas and Cannes Film Festival) and I really enjoy the day parties. with Vesper White I Don’t feel like we are in London on those Sunday afternoons by the Jacuzzi.

I always find clubs, relationships and dynamics between men and women (and women and women) in clubs fascinating and much of my media work has been around that.

However, in the last year I have seen so many of my friends taking the apps and online dating. People I would have never expected to are using Tinder and other online dating sites. People who I class as extremely ‘picky’ when it comes to any kind of relationship were using these apps and getting success.


I thought I’d do THE ULTIMATE TINDER CHALLENGE. I created a video to document my findings the results shocked me to find out what men really look for in a women online! And what kind of men you can find on Tinder!

When I set out to test what guys liked on Tinder and to see what kind of guys were using Tinder I was pretty sure the result would be the girls in the skimpiest outfits, with the most ‘done’ eyebrows and a lots of sex appeal in your face would rule. Pretty much what you see in a night club right!?

DISCLAIMER: Turns out maybe the male sex isn’t as shallow as we think…

I ‘split tested’ two profiles:

PROFILE ONE: Had me looking natural with a nicely written profile. I was simple but presented nicely and REAL.

PROFILE TWO: Let’s just say I may have gone a little mad with photoshop to produce an Ultra vixen all low cut tops, bigger boobs, provocative yoga poses and a love of writing phrases like ‘love my life!’

For 30 minutes my team and I went swiping mad and said YES to all suiters. When the results came in though we were a little surprised.

PROFILE TWO AKA ‘Super Sexy Hayley’ (with the photoshop boobs and ass) did get 1/3 more swipes than totally normal Hayley – but the quality of the matches, well, let’s just say they weren’t necessary with guys she had a spiritual connection with!!

PROFILE TWO got unsettling amount of guys with their tops off (what is all that about?) in love with them selves a touch too much, fake tan, not read a book in years and didn’t respond with anything original or even just nice in the chat. I did give them all a chance as I did not want to judge book by it’s cover.

PROFILE ONE had less amount of likes but really well groomed, intelligent, fun respectful guys. These are the guys I would be excited to meet and they too time to find out about me.

So it turns out (& I think this is ‘ok’) that with an app like Tinder you attract whatever message you put out there.

I think that rule might apply in clubs too? I have meet some amazing guys on Vesper Black nights. I think that is down to the guests they look for….

What do you think?

If your profile is all s.e.x. appeal then it will probably be a big hook up app for you, for more genuine suitors turns out you can wear no make up, a parka, and someone’s still gonna love you.


I am often out with the guys and when I don’t have a packed Friday I often hit Maddox on Thursday so maybe I will see some of you girls out too and we discuss out findings.

If want to check out more of my videos and claim a free Q&A webinar with me and team head to http://www.hayleyquinn.com/

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