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The 5 Best Cigar Shops In London

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Spending an evening smoking fine cigars and enjoying a glass of your favourite adult drink can be the perfect way to end a hard day of work, or a leisurely spent weekend.

Thankfully for us, London has many different cigar bars and shops to choose from, offering a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking at having a drink and a smoke, or just a place to share a few cigars with a close friend, you’re sure to find the right place for you amongst one of London’s premier cigar bars.

Over the next few paragraphs, we’ll cover some of the best cigar shops and best cigar lounges that London has to offer, making choosing the right one for you that much easier.

Soho Whiskey Club

Soho Whiskey Club - Cigar Bar in London

Residing in the heart of London’s Soho district, the Soho Whiskey Club is housed inside of the historic Vintage House. Founded during the Second World War by native Italians Leo Donati and his wife, The Vintage House was then passed down by family members, eventually reaching its position today as one of the most well-known sellers of fine wine, spirits and of course, cigars.

The Soho Whiskey Club resides in a previously unused area of the Vintage House, which has been renovated into a high class club that offers hundreds of malts, wines, and fine cigars.

The Soho Whiskey Club even offers some Whiskies that are rare, or no longer commercially available, making it a must-see for any cigar, or whiskey, aficionado.

The Soho Whiskey Club opens at 10am Monday-Friday, and 1pm on Saturday.

JJ’s in Green Park

JJ's Wine Bar in Green Park

JJ’s Wine Bar in Green Park has been serving fine wines to its many patrons since it was first opened in 2007. Featuring a relaxing atmosphere, multiple TVs, and varying types of music, JJ’s has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a fine place to share a drink with a friend, or a venue to host your next birthday. With it’s spacious interior, fine wines, and classy environment, JJ’s seems to be one of the best cigar bars in London.

JJ’s is open from 5pm, Monday through Friday, and can be specially rented for any events you may have in mind. Wines typically run from £12.00 to £15.00 a bottle.

Fox of St.James

Fox of St.James Cigar bar in London

Hailed as one of the most famous cigar shops in London, the cigar experts at Fox have been selling premium cigars from their store front for over 200 years. One of the main draws of Fox is their exemption from the smoking ban, allowing you to sample cigars before you purchase while still in store, all of course, in their luxurious smoker’s lounge.

Fox of St.James has been visited by cigar lovers from all walks of life, from kings to celebrities to British and foreign royalty, just another proof of their excellent service and professional salesmanship.

Fox offers cigars for the common man from prices as low as £3.00 all the way up to £35.00 and beyond, making them the one-stop shop for cigar aficionados of all backgrounds. Fox of St.James currently is a sole proprietor of cigars and tobacco, and is open Monday through Friday at 9:30am.

Tomtom Cigars & Coffee

Tomtom Cigars and Coffee in London
Located at 63 Elizabeth Street, Tomtom has been providing cigar enthusiasts with quality service since it was first opened in 1977. With a stock containing the finest cigars to come out of Cuba, and an expert staff to give any advice you need, Tomtom has gained a reputation as being one of the best cigar shops in London.

Tomtom has even received a number of prestigious awards including being voted ‘Cigar Retailer of the Year‘ at the Millennium Cigars awards.

Tomtom is open at 10am Monday through Friday, 11am on Saturdays, and 12am on Sundays.

Hava Havana

Hava Havana Cigars in London
Specializing in cigars, chocolates, coffee, and gifts, Hava Havana is much more than your average cigar store. Although they offer some of the finest Habanos cigars that can be found in London, they also sell fancy chocolates, high-end coffees, and many different gifts, all backed by a professional staff and a guarantee that every customer gets exactly what they’re looking for.

Hava Havana is open from 9am, Monday through Saturday.

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  1. Howard Watson

    I’m a freelance writer and editor, based in London, and I’m putting together an anthology of verse inspired by 400 years of tobacco-inspired poetry.

    It will include work by Byron, Keats, Rimbaud, Kipling and many many others.

    As I’m self-publishing, I want to know if you’d be interested in stocking the book once it’s available?

    Many thanks.

    Howard Watson
    Selected and Edited: The World of Simon Raven
    Co-author: What’s the Bleeding Time? Biography of James Robertson Justice
    Editor: Ode to the Sea
    Editor: The Charmed Pot – to be published 2013

    Tuesday 27th August 2013, 4:44 pm Reply
  2. David

    Very surprised with these 5, you have missed one of the oldest cigar shops in London – Sautter of Mount street.

    Friday 18th October 2013, 9:59 am Reply
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