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The 10 Best Bars in London

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London is one of the finest cities in the world and caters towards all sorts of people, with very different tastes, one of these tastes might be trendy, upscale bars.

With so many bars to choose from, you usually stumble from one to another until you find a half decent one with friendly staff (including the guys on the door) a great selection of cocktails, warm atmosphere and of course… some gorgeous looking people.

Well the team at Vesper Black has already done the drunken stumbling for you and come up with a list of what we believe are simply the coolest bars in London town. We know this because quite simply, we hang out at these places and it’s where the VB team meet some of our best clients in film, fashion and media. We were careful to pick one’s with great customer service, without pretentious nonsense and for each one to have its very own unique selling point.

Here are the 10 best bars in London:

1. Milk and Honey

This cute little bar situated on Poland street is perfect for a date or a get together before heading onto somewhere a bit more lively. Milk and Honey has a unique atmosphere that you don’t find in many bars, very low lighting and an awesome selection of skilfully balanced cocktails which are uniquely delivered by the talented team at M&H. One word of warning, make sure you know where you’re going, otherwise you won’t find the place, it’s just a black door with no sign.

2. Zenna Bar

Our personal choice for the VB pre-party on Friday’s, Zenna (which is on Dean street) offers a very sophisticated vibe with an upmarket feel. However it just oozes warmth, so from the moment you step in you feel relaxed. Very friendly staff and the perfect spot to impress somebody or do some networking. It has wonderful blue caves to escape in also.

3. The Collection

Two words… incredibly sexy! To all the gentlemen out there, this is probably the best place at the moment in central London for beautiful women. The owner is a lively one, but it’s a great place to go if you’re in need of a pick me up. The collection has a wide range of fabulous drinks, gorgeous friendly bar staff and fantastic music. It’s a little more upbeat, so don’t go here if you’re looking to chill out.

4. The Blues Bar

Do you suffer from those day old blues? Then stop being a misery guts and put them into good use by heading down to the Aint Nothin But Blue’s bar on Kingly street. It’s a winsy bit quaint, but the live music is cool and the bar has a slight vintage feel to it, a little damp in the corners if you know what I mean. Great for a couple of drinks to unwind before moving onto a swanky bar.

5. Experimental Cocktail Club

Think Madmen. Just as the name suggests, this beauty is brimming with delish cocktails and has such a stupendous vibe. The Experimental Cocktail Club is a very cool place in China town (aside from the ominous looking metal door) with comfy seats and three floors. It’s very easy to get lost in the moment here, so just go with the flow. Relax back and order an Old Fashioned or Vesper Martini.

6. Sketch

If you have some spare cash, this is the place. Sketch is a little overpriced, but a trendy establishment none the less. If you’re feeling a bit mischievous then grab some food here too, it has a funky menu but a good time once you get going. The decor is out there too! Situated at the beginning of Conduit street and very easy to find. also has a wonderful Pitt bar.

7. Shoreditch House

Film buffs, directors and aspiring actors… if you haven’t heard of Shorditch House then you’re out of the loop my friend! This outstanding venue on Ebor street is truly an amazing place, it’s an experience on it’s own. With a roof pool, gym, hotel, bar and restaurant… you don’t really need to leave and why would you with half price Monday’s for under 27 membership holders, just a sensational place.

You do need a membership before you can get in here though, which is VERY hard to get. Or you could come as a guest of VB…. maybe ;)

8. McQueen

Named after Steve McQueen, you can instantly tell it’s going to be a rock ‘n’ roll bar with a difference right? McQueen’s which is on Tabernacle street, is so ridiculously cool, it’s not even funny. If you have just one ounce of rock in your body, go here. Staff are lovely, drinks are great and the ambiance is on top form. This is what London lacks ‘an upmarket, chilled out rock n roll bar’ – but now it’s here.

9. Scantum (Roof Top)

What’s that… it’s got a jacuzzi!? Oh yes, this teeny tiny roof top bar in the Santum hotel (which holds about ten people) on Warwick street is a great spot for a late night drink, along with a dip in the jacuzzi. Decent drinks, warm vibe and a good place to chill at the end of a very long night. Open 24/7 for members and hotel guests. Another one of our late night venues which we frequent quite a bit.

10. Pit Bar Old Vic

Situated underneath The Old Vic theatre in Waterloo the Pit bar is humming on a Friday night and hosts up and coming bands which add to the vintage feel. It’s a cool place to check out when you just want to mingle but not over do it. The bar can get a little full at times (50% networking actors and producers) but as long as you’re prepared and don’t mind Kevin Spacey nudging you as you fight for a place at the bar, it’s fine.

So there you have it, the top 10 bars in London. Smashing bars with an eclectic mix for all kinds of tastes. As I said it where all the places where the guys and girls from Vesper Black hang out and entertain so if you wish to meet the faces behind the brand then you know where to find us.

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