“Exclusive parties in London. Affiliated with film, fashion and media.”

London’s Finest Events Company

Vesper Black is a luxury events company hosting parties affiliated with film, fashion and media in the nation’s capital.

We host a range of parties and events in the most luxurious venues in town – from film premier after-parties and cocktail evenings, to networking nights and weekly events in central London’s finest establishments. Learn more about Vesper Black and our nights.

As well as being heavily connected to the world of film, fashion and media, we also have a strong identity and a strict company culture based on creating warm, personal customer service. We’re innovative, young, beautiful and stylish – which we passionately bring to life in everything we do.

So whether you’re looking to network, book a table and experience our vintage bottle service, or simply want to be added to one of our guest lists and party with our entourage, we can cater to your needs and welcome you to Vesper Black. We take pride in offering a truly unique lifestyle experience that focuses on personal relationships, along with our vintage customer service. Something that is unique to us and seldom found anywhere else in London.

If you have heard about our stylish nights and would like to be a part of our next event, then you need to stay in the know by adding yourself by joining “The Club“.

Once you’re in our network, we will personally invite you to our events and keep you up to date with what is happening in the wonderful city of London.

Welcome to Vesper Black.

Join over 5000 Londoners in THE CLUB. Our team will email you every week with invites to London's most exclusive parties.
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VIP Bottle Service

Experience London in luxury with our VIP premium bottle service. Book a table today and indulge in the finest venues the capital has to offer.

VIP Bottle Service

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